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Through use of imaging analysis, photonic spectroscopy, and other technologies, Accu Healthcare’s solutions can empower you to help your patients.


Anti-Falsified & Substandard Solutions

Falsified and substandard medicines can disguise its appearance or even fake tamper-safe features to look like the medicine it is trying to emulate. It can’t escape detection by our devices which measure the

“heart” of the medication –     

Drug Molecule.

At  a loss when patients present unlabelled medicine at medication review? Need an additional check to ensure the right medication is dispensed? Unsure if your medication can be used after a temperature excursion? We can help!

Medical Adherence Solutions

No matter how powerful a medicine is, it cannot work if  it is not taken by patients. Treatment non-adherence is a common and well-documented issue, posing obstacles to 

      optimised health outcome. 

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Dispensing Accuracy



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