Medication Adherence Solutions

How it helps to increase medication adherence

Step 1: Recommendation

Educate patients on the importance of medication compliance, how you care and the use of Accu Healthcare App.


Step 2: Usage 

When it is time to take medication, the app will alert the patient. Before consuming the medication, patient will capture image of medication using Accu Healthcare App.


Step 3: Guide

The app will advise if it is safe for the patient to proceed with the medication consumption.


By tracking consumption, on top of ensuring patient safety, you can have full visibility and traceability of the movement of medicines throughout the value chain. With these data, you will have information such as medication adherence rate and whether the treatment has been effective.


          Check whether


 the right patient is taking the medicine

the right medicine is taken

the right dose is taken

the medicine has been taken according to the treatment plan

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