Dispensing Accuracy Solutions

Safeguarding the best care

As a cornerstone of numerous therapies, medication has to be of the right identity and quality to exert the intended effect.     


Any lapse in dispensing accuracy and quality can result unfortunate injuries & loss of lives, lawsuits and erosion of reputation.


Download ACCU Healthcare's app for iOS and Android. With our app, you have access to anti-counterfeit and identification functions. 

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Accu Healthcare provides you with solutions to pertinent issues in your healthcare setting.

Verification of
Dispensing Accuracy

How it helps you reduce dispensing error?


Step 1: Capture Medication Profile

When activated by you on the medication you would like to verify, it will utilise our proprietary algorithm to capture the image & photonics profile.

Step 2: Compare against Database

The profile of  the medication to be verified will be matched against preloaded data of medication images and photonics profile.


Step 3: Advise you on Identity of the Medication You Intend to Verify 

Upon finding the match, the system will advise you on the identity of the medication. If the system is integrated with your medication order management system, it can be programmed to advise you if the medication matches with the e-prescription.

Verification of

Quality of medicine

How it helps you to ascertain if the medication is of good quality?

E.g. medication subjected to temperature excursion


Step 1: Usage of Accu Healthcare Device 

Aim the Spectrometer at the medication to obtain a profile. The photonics spectrum will collide with the drug molecule & cause it to vibrate and exhibit its unique profile.


Step 2: Compare against Database

This profile will be matched against preloaded data.


Step 3: Advise you on Identity and Quantity of Medication Molecule

Upon finding the match, the system will advise you on the identity of the medication, whether there is presence of impurity and quantity of the medication.

Verification of


How it helps you to ascertain patient takes the right medicines, right dose at the right time?


Step 1: Recommendation

Educate patients on the importance of medication safety, how you care and the use of Accu Healthcare App.


Step 2: Usage 

Before consuming the medication at the prescribed timing, patient will capture image of medication using Accu Healthcare App.


Step 3: Guide

The app will advise if it is safe for the patient to proceed with the medication consumption. By tracking consumption, on top of ensuring patient safety, you can have full visibility and traceability of the movement of medicines throughout the value chain. With these data, you will have information such as medication adherence rate and whether the treatment has been effective.


Accu Healthcare offers you superior solutions to other comparable methods available.

Less Preparation & Probability of Incurring Error

Unlike use of barcoding, there is no need to assign identity of new batch of medication or risk error associated with this



Non-destructive Testing


No sample preparation; eliminate lab testing

Save Cost

No interference with medication


Water not required

No effect from stability

Small sample required

Quick reading

 (less than 4 sec)

Can analyse both solid and liquid component


Benefits of Image Analytics and Phototonic Spectometry to triangulate for more accurate results

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