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CEO's Message

Mr. Derrick Koh 

Chief Executive Officer


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A Message from the CEO

Together, let us innovate solutions that resolve medication errors and improve patient safety! 

 " You never know what you can achieve till you try! "

 A decade ago, I was given an opportunity to serve a multinational company that provides regulatory compliance and validation services to pharmaceutical manufacturers. It was then I was introduced and exposed to various GxP requests in the Asia Pacific region. However, I noticed that a critical element was missing

Despite successfully assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers to conform their processes and protocols to regulatory authorities’ guidelines, we could not ensure that the right medications were being prescribed and dispensed correctly to patients.

This earnest interest to address these challenges drove me to leave the pharmaceutical industry to pursue my passion in the healthcare sector. My first foray into the healthcare sector was fulfilled when a globally renowned  drug monograph company provided me the platform to offer concise and updated monographs to healthcare professionals. This invaluable tenure broaden my insight on gaps in the healthcare domain and gained new experience on how to manage and operate a drug repositories company. My experiences culminated in an invitation to assist in a local start-up company that utilizes advanced technologies to provide healthcare providers with solutions to minimize medication errors.

Today, I am pleased and honored to bring together a diverse group of professionals with a common vision – To utilize advanced imaging and photonics technologies as point of care device to enable healthcare providers and professionals address medication quality, minimize medication errors and improve patient safety. Together with our team of scientists, pharmacists and technologists, we strive to be your partner in developing national drug image and spectrum repositories. Our combined synergistic expertise in utilizing imaging and photonics analytics in developing these systems is targeted at addressing the urgent need for rapid identification and quality assurance of medications.

I firmly believe that our fruitful collaboration will greatly alter and improve healthcare practices. At Accu Healthcare, we are committed to highest code of ethics and integrity that is central to providing quality patient care.

I wish you the very best for the future and hope that an opportunity will arise for us to fulfill this vision together.

Yours Sincerely,

Derrick Koh 

CEO, Founder

Accu Healthcare Pte Ltd 

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