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Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

Counterfeit medication

Counterfeit medication presents threats to health for consumers and erosion of revenue for pharmaceutical companies. 


Some countries may have more than 30% of their medication supply as counterfeit medication.


Authorities, Community & Interest Groups, and Pharmaceutical Companies can take active steps to stamp out this issue.


Accu Healthcare provides you with solutions to combat threats of counterfeit medications.

Authentication of Medication

How it helps you to detect counterfeit?


Step 1: Deployment of Accu Healthcare Device

Locate Accu Healthcare Devices with trained staff at strategic locations such as ports, medication depots.

Step 2: Usage of Accu Healthcare Device

Aim the Photonic Spectrometer at the medication to obtain a profile. The photonics spectrum will collide with the drug molecule & cause it to vibrate and exhibit its unique profile.


Step 3: Compare against Database

This profile will be matched against preloaded data.

Step 4: Advise you on Identity and Quantity of Medication Molecule

Upon finding the match, the system will advise you on the identity of the medication, whether there is presence of impurity and quantity of the medication – whether there is a case of counterfeit medication at hand.

Community Surveillance of Counterfeit medication

How it helps you to protect the community from harm of counterfeit medicines?


Step 1: Recommendation

Educate patient on the harm of counterfeit medication and the use of Accu Healthcare App. This phase can be used to heighten the awareness of this health issue.


Step 2: Usage

Before consuming prescribed medication, consumer will capture image of medication or activate the photonic analytics using Accu Healthcare App. The App will advise consumer if the medication is safe for consumption.


Step 3: Analyse

Reports on counterfeit medication and its geographical location will be downloaded into a dashboard for users. With the information, user can plan on how to combat this issue. 


Accu Healthcare offers you superior solutions to other comparable methods available.

Existing anti-counterfeiting methods

Advantages of our technology when compared with existing anti-counterfeiting methods

Barcode and specialized packaging to mark authentic medicines; allowing mobile phone users to report serial number to authenticate the medicine

1) Barcode or usage of specialized packaging by distributors is not required.

2) Allow capturing of image of counterfeit medicine for subsequent analysis.

3) Easier to use (i.e. just take photo and send, no keying in of long serial number required).

RFID tagging

Cheaper and more accessible as reader for RFID is not required.

Use of security packaging features e.g. watermark, hologram

1) Public awareness of security features is not required.

2) Cheaper as no packaging modification is required.

Laboratory testing to ascertain authenticity of medicines

1) Faster. 2) Cheaper. 3) Non-destructive. 4) Accessible to anyone with mobile phone.


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